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Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Aight dudes, I'm back! Friggin' drunk ass Ricky was tryin ta tell you about our pilgrimage to Buffalo before his drunk ass saw the hotties that came back to the spot after the party.

"After the show is the after party and"

Don't hate.

Well anyway, I told you I'd be back so I'm back. I still can't believe hoe much better this site is then MySpace but back to the story.

So we were all sittin' around and we decided that we would name our band after the Goos in honor of them and their complete awesomeness. Also, we would record nothing by Goo Goo Dolls covers until we because the best rockers on the face of the planet. That was our plan. But to make it happen we had to think like the Goo's, we had to experience what they did, and become to Goo Goo Dolls.

So we went to Buffalo.

We went to the hospital where they were born. Did you know they were born in cribs right next to each other? Yeah trippy eh? I sat in Rzezink and Robby's cribs dude! I felt the Goo flowing through me. Was pretty awesome actually.

Then we all went to the houses where they grew up. But someone called the cops and we had to run. I can't lie I woulda probably called them too if three dudes were sitting on my lawn meditating and staring in the windows. So that part of the trip wasn't cool, but in a way... it still was.

Then we went to their highschool and met their band teacher. That's right the Goo's were in band dude! Mike and Robby were apparently a bunch of screwups acording to Mr. Beacher. He showed us around and wouldn't you know... he had the first pick the goos ever used! It was framed and everything!

When he turned around we stole that shit.

Man, don't hate. I gave it back later! No jailtime either. Dude was cool.

But when I had it, I felt the Goo flowing through me man. It was like... Gooey. After that were lived as the Goo Goo's did (before they were rich). And when we got home the rest was history.

So that's the story. Move along now.

My mood when I wrote this was feeling something undescribable.

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