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Saturday, March 17, 2007

So everyone keeps asking me how we put the band together and how we because some incredibly awesome. As it turns out, the two are completely unrelated but I'll tell you the stories anyway. It all started a year ago....

* flashback noises a la mike meyers*

I was sitting in my garage with my two buds. We were of course listening to the Goo Goo's because I only own Goo Goo CD's. No I wasn't poor, just picky. Stop getting sidetracked! Well anyway, we were listening to some truly killer axe work when it dawned on me... we should start a band. Bobby and Ricky were like... "sure". And so the Demo Dolls were born. Righteous eh?

But how'd we get so good you ask? Well that's another blog entry for another day. I have to go out and buy a new pick anyway. Later.

- Mike

My mood when I wrote this was depressed.

12/11/2008 - Len from Kanarsky
Dude, that's how I started my band too. Cept my boys are Johnny and Jamie. And we've got Ronnie singing lead. She's super hot. Wait till our CD drops and you'll see. Fergie who?
12/11/2008 - Cool DJ Rod
Yo, you need to hit me off with a free copy of the CD so I can start spinnin' it at my next gig. Your tracks are hot son. Get at me.
12/11/2008 - Demo Mike
Hey man, you can buy our new drop in the online store! Come up off the $10 and get you one. We appreciate the love though!

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